New homes planned for Stilton, Cambs | Latest news and updates

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New homes planned for Stilton, Cambs

We're pleased to announce we have purchased a development site and intend to build affordable family homes in Stilton.

We have acquired the site of the Lodge Motel, and a pre-planning application is currently submitted to replace the current building with family homes for shared ownership.

Our Chief Executive, Claire Higgins, said: “Our region is facing a continuing housing crisis, with people unable to access a home of their own, either to rent or to buy. We are delighted to be able to work with Huntingdonshire District Council to support their aims to provide more affordable homes in the area and support village life.

“This development, of shared ownership homes, will enable local people to be able to achieve their dream of owning their own home – a dream so many young families find unaffordable these days. We are also committed to retaining the very unique feel of this historic village, and any development will complement the existing housing.

“As a not for profit organisation, we are committed to not only building the highest quality homes possible, but also to investing any money we make back in the development of further affordable homes and also into building vibrant and supportive communities, where everyone can feel at home. Although still in the early stages, we are very excited about this development and the opportunity it offers for local people to be able to remain living where they want to, rather than have to move out of the area in order to find a home that meets their needs and aspirations.”

A decision on the pre-planning application is expected in early 2020, when a full planning application will then be submitted. We are looking forward to working with local councillors and residents on this development.

We are determined to do all it can to solve the housing crisis facing the region.